Glasswort is a botanical that makes its appearance for the first time among the ingredients of a gin: Istmo Gin. Right here where the lake of Varano rises, mirror of water of Southern Italy, the glasswort grows undisturbed becoming the star ingredient of Istmo Gin, the distillate made in Gargano with gastronomic notes. Yes, because in addition to glasswort, Istmo Gin is made from the combination of ingredients such as dried tomato, fig leaf, celery seeds. Then there are the more classic botanicals such as juniper, coriander, licorice root. There is also space for citrus fruits with the orange peel of the blonde IGP Gargano and the leaves of Gargano lemon. All the botanicals are collected on the Gargano.


Round for its taste, fresh for the mix of ingredients that convey that pleasant sensation of freshness to retain on the palate. And finally satisfying: imagine at the end of a hot day, on the beach, at sunset, sipping an "istmo tonic", an inexplicable sensation that only a good drink can give. The dried tomato and glasswort give it a gastronomic touch, so it can be used safely in the kitchen. It goes well with seafood dishes, first and second courses, in a gin and tonic version on raw seafood and tuna carpaccio. A gastro-gin that can conquer even those who love to experiment in the kitchen.


The colors of the Istmo Gin bottle tell all the colors that are experienced on the Gargano. From the green color of the woods and pine forests of the Varano and Lesina isthmuses, to the golden color of the sand of our beaches, to the various shades of blue that the Varano and Lesina lakes, the sea and the sky are tinged with. And then there is orange, the color of the sunsets that inflame the North Gargano. Perhaps not everyone knows that on this side we have this natural phenomenon: we see the sun rise and set in the sea, our sunsets are a spectacle experienced with passion by tourists. Here, with Istmo Gin we also wanted to tell this, the beauty and taste of our land, enclosed in our distillate.