It was the favorite gin of writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald but many other famous names could end up among the aficionados. Passion, the common denominator between characters and simple unknown beverage lovers. And it was precisely the passion that traced the path that led the business owner Angelo Mosca and the chef Michele Abruzzese to the production of Istmo Gin, the distillate made in Gargano which is the novelty of the sector, riding the wave of a strong trend growth, where gin (re) conquers young palates and seduces the most demanding. The winning idea of the Cagnano Varano duo is common: prefer local botanicals.


Angelo Mosca

Angelo has always had a passion for spirits. He tasted up to two hundred labels after an experience in a renowned cocktail bar in Turin.


Michele Abbruzzese

Michele, thanks to his experience in the kitchen, becomes a precious resource for the mix of ingredients.